Relish the Experience of Camping tours and travels in the Himalayas
The Himalayan regions beckon you to put a spark in your holidays with our action-packed camping tours. Don't miss this opportunity to have your fair share of fun with our camping tours. If you love discovering nature and yearn to know what it has on offer, we are here to satisfy your hunger for adventure. Pack your bags and fly to this land to enjoy our camping travel packages.

Camping tours and travels in Himachal
The major camping sites in the State of Himachal Pradesh near the Himalayas are at Sarchu in Lahaul, and Sangla and Kalpa in Kinnaur. Kaza in Spiti is the major camping destination that is always ready to fill your days with unforgettable fun. Dharamsala in Kangra is the seat of the government in exile of the Dalai Lama, and is an interesting location to visit once you are in the region on camping tour. The major camping ang trekking sites in the region are between the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges.

Camping Tours and Travels Laddakh
Bound by the lofty ranges of the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram, Laddakh offers splendid chances for trekking and camping tours and travels. The smaller Laddakh and Zanskar ranges add to the available trails that one can camp on. Some of the best recommended trails in the region include the ones through Zanskar or Stok Kangri or Markha or Rupshu. Relish the splendor of camping in remote Ladakh with the camping travel packages we have on offer. Witness from close quarters the splendour of the mighty Himalayas and the Karakoram while camping in Ladakh region.

Camping Tours and Travels in Uttaranchal
Enjoy the wildlife camping in the northern areas in Chitrauli, which is in the close vicinity of Nainital in Uttaranchal. Witness for yourself the magnificent sights of the Himalayas at the Ratighat Valley around the Ghuna River. We offer well designed camping tour packages in Rishikesh as well, from where you can relish the delightful sights of the Himalayan regions.

Camping in Rajasthan
Even the State of Rajasthan, usually known for its desert sands, has some interesting camping sites. Their relative isolation ensures that they are less affected by the crowds that typically flood the more popular campsites.

The state offers camps characterized by artistically crafted tents, furnished with all the facilities of home, set amidst the charming Great Indian or Thar Desert. You can also take enjoy the vast fields and the rolling hills around some of the campsites and savor the best of Rajasthani cuisine. You are sure to get floored by the typical desert folk music, dances, puppet and magic shows around the striking campfires adding to the evenings' charm.

Grab the opportunity of camping in India with our camping tours and travel packages and take back home the memories of the quality time you have had in your life.