darjeeling AND sikkim trekking

Trekking In Darjeeling
The East Himalayas present perhaps the best trekking routes in the whole of India. Low altitude treks in the lower regions of Darjeeling are quiet easy and are particularly recommended for those tourists who like to take up a stroll at a leisurely pace. The Kalimpong-Relli trek through golden paddy fields, the Kurseong-Namsu trail through tea gardens and the Kurseong-Mirik trek are the main trails through low altitude areas.

Darjeeling-Batast-Tonglo-Sandakphu-Return : This is a 6/7 days moderate trekking from Maneshanjang, which is 26-km by road from Darjeeling and ideal for views along a standard trail. A popular trekking route from Darjeeling, this trek takes one to Sandakphu and Phalut from where one can have breakthtaking views of Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest.

Singalila Treks: Treks in the eastern Himalayan region are organized through both high and low altitude areas. The most popular of treks is the one through high altitude areas across the Singalila range in Darjeeling, which starts from Maneybhanjang, goes to Meghma, Toughu, Gairibas, Sandakphu, and Phalut.The fourth and last day is the return trek to Darjeeling, which may be taken along the same route or via Ramman, Rimbick and Bijanbari.

Kalimpong Treks : Another adventurous high altitude trek done in Darjeeling is in the Kalimpong region from Relli, Pankhasari, and Neora to the highest point in the areas, Rochella at 3,400m. From here it is a steady descent to Tangta, Jhalang along the foothills to Samsing. Trekkers can enjoy the natural panorama of exotic varieties of Himalayan flora, bird, and wildlife that can be seen along this route.

Trekking In Sikkim
Each season in Sikkim is distinct. The periods for outdoor excursions are several. March to May are best season for flowers, which is also ideal for trekking in this state. However you should be prepared for inclement weather, as snow storms at higher altitudes can develop rapidly in both the pre and post-monsoon seasons.

Darjeeling/Gangatok-Pemanyangtse-Yoksum-Dzongri : The most popular trek in Sikkim is from Yuksom to Dzongri and Goccha La for superb views of Kanchenjunga. Two peaks in Dzongri area of West Sikkim, Thingchen Khang and Jopunob, have been declared 'Trekking Peaks', which means they are free of royalty payment.

Trek To Tendong Hill : Above Damthang, overlooking south district headquarters town Namchi, there is a flat stretch of land, at an altitude of 8,530ft, surrounded by a lush green forest known as Tendong Hill. Trek From Tendong from Damthang bazaar, the nearest roadhead, is just about two-hours of casual walk. But one can also proceed to Namchi by trekking via Tendong Hill following the traditional route used in the old days. Trekking over here also is possible throughout the year, except in the monsoons.

Trek To Menam Hill : Menam hill towers the Tandong hill on the other side overlooking the Ravangla Bazaar settlement, at an altitute of 10,300 ft. The trek from Menam to Ravangla takes about 4 hrs and from Menam hilltop trekkers has the option to take the gentle trek to Borong village or follow the more challenging trail, down to Yangang village.