Himachal Pradesh, few places in the world are blessed with such panorama and graphical diversity. This is the land of Gods, that has been bestowed with snowy mountain mosaics, fast and free flowing streams and valleys that seem to sink in the ground. Take an adventure tour of Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the best of the adventure world.

Trekking on the brown hills and down the valleys, Camping in the remotest part of the hills, rafting in the daring river, skiing on the silken snow, gliding in the scented air. The option for adventure in Himachal Pradesh does not end here. If you have the guts and desire, then Himachal is the coolest venue for the hottest adventures.

Himachal Pradesh has created a niche for every kind of adventure sport. Bring a delightful grimace on your face by indulging in trekking in the various regions of the state. Wide options from the mountain ranges to the various passes, are available for trekking. The best areas which will make you go gaga will be the regions of Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti. Trekking along with camping in Chail adds to the delight of the experience.

Water sports in Himachal are of the kinds that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. The famous rivers and reservoirs that allow the much acclaimed white water rafting is Maharana Pratap Sagar reservoir in Kangra. Besides these Himachal Pradesh is the only place in India where while angling you can hope to catch brown and rainbow trouts. Other water sports included are swimming, water-skiing, surfing, kayaking, rowing, canoing and sailing.

Among the adventure sports that needs ice to be enjoyed, Himachal Pradesh does not lag behind. There are alternatives of Skiing, Heli Skiing and Ice skating. But if you want You can enjoy all these sports in just one trip. The winter sports in Himachal Pradesh can be enjoyed at high altitudes in the region of Shimla, Manali and Kufri.

Take an adventure tour of Himachal Pradesh to savor the most delightful offerings of the state. Enjoy staying in the camps while trekking in the mountain regions. Take a rafting tour to get closer to the water and see if you could find some rainbow trouts. Be it whichever sport, adventure in Himachal Pradesh is becoming a major draw for tourists. These captivating sports along with the scenic ambiance are winning hearts of the travelers globally.