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Horse riding holidays in India offer a variety of landscapes and experiences. India has many horse riding holidays for you to experience. Few places in the world offer the exotic charm and colorful pageantry of Rajasthan. Here is a fascinating culture as ancient as Europe's with unsurpassed architectural achievements. The itineraries include justly famous tourist attractions like Delhi, Udaipur and Jaipur, but the way to visit this intriguing country is on horseback. Most of the horses are Marwaris which in former times were superb war horses, greatly prized by their owners; many of the ones we ride are now polo ponies.

The palaces or castles where we stay have been converted to hold modern comforts without losing any of their ancient charm. The service is outstanding and the food excellent. Age-old traditions still flourish, along with arts and crafts, and shopping opportunities are varied and irresistibly tempting.

The Pushkar and Nagaur rides include visits to local fairs. The Nagaur Fair is smaller, less touristy and without the Brahma festivities of the Pushkar Fair. Both are great colorful and historical events of India. For untold centuries tribesmen have met to trade camels, cattle and horses. Of late years there have been some 200,000 people and 50,000 animals at the Pushkar Camel Fair.

The ultimate horse safari destinations in India are the mountanous regions of Himalayas. While you can always opt for trekking and short hiking trips within the Himalayas, still horse safari becomes a totally new experience if it is done in the national parks of the states of Uttaranchal and Himachal.

One such national park is Corbett where tourists can avail numerous jungle safari packages and get the opportunity to sight animals such as Jackal, buffalo, fox, hyena, leopard, wild cats, crocodiles and tigers, which visitors usually miss out on a jeep safari trip. Tourists can also avail the chance to get an accommodation at the Jungle lodges and forest rest houses that provide comfortable staying options with excellent food.

Another state that has become quite known for Horse Safari is Rajasthan. Horse Safari is a recent introduction in this state and provides a more exciting variation of the camel safari. Horse Safaris are usually conducted in the vicinity of Udaipur where the hilly terrain and forested countryside are ideal for taking up the trail.

The Horse safari routes can be divers too, but most pass close to small villages, ruined historical monuments and temples. These places are ideal to halt for a bit of rest and relaxation, or lunch and a quick nap. In the evening visitors can enjoy the comforts of former palaces and forts. There isn't any other better or historic way to explore Rajasthan.

Horse Safari Routes in India
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