para gliding

Aero sports like parasailing and paragliding adventures are indeed, experiences that combine the wonder of smooth sailing in the air and the thrill of towering high above the ground. Garhwal is a Parasailor and Paraglider's paradise. In the north you have the colossal barricade of the Great Himalayas and in the south are the plains of the Terais, this unique geographical feature provides excellent conditions for all grades of Paragliding and Parasailing, from beginners to intermediate making it a perfect destination for adventure aerosports in India.

Since age's humans have a lust deep in their heart to fly like a bird in the vast blue sky, to some extent we humans are able to quench our this thrust by taking up the adventure of aero-sport to fly in open skies. The desire of an eventual adventure, the escapade of floating freely in air, without any stoppage can be achieved through aero-sport adventure like Para-gliding, Para-sailing, Hang-gliding.

Para gliding is most adventurous sport that gives ultimate satisfaction to adventure lovers. People from all over the world have found this sport quite agreeable, full of fun and the most safest and convenient way for flying in the air. As compared to the hang-glider, para-glider is advantageous in the sense that it is much lighter than a hang-glider and easy to handle, the operation and opening up is much easier and requires less time, and on top of it the supplementary benefit is that there is no jumping from a helicopter or airplane to relish the glide in the sky. A simple training is required to achieve your goal of flying in the sky.

Major Destination for Para-gliding
Para gliding can best be under taken on the slopes of the Solang valley near Manali, the valley offers some of the most approved destinations for para gliding in entire India. Places like Nilgiri hills in the south, the Eastern Himalayas in the Darjeeling-Gangtok area, Auli in Uttar Pradesh, and Sansar in Jammu and Kashmir are other important places coming up and getting world wild recognition in recent times.

Major Equipment Required
For Para-gliding not much is requires, there is a specifically designed square parachute with fittings attached by lines that hold the body tight and keep it in place. The parachute is made of rip stop nylon, which is specially coated, with polyester to ensure no air passage.

As compared to Para-gliding, hang-glider is quite much heavier almost weighing up to 55 kg and much cumbersome to handle. It takes around 2 hours to open the glider and almost the same time to pack it. The trivialities are more complicated and much risk factor is involved. Then it is a fact that there is no adventure if there is no risk factor involved in the game, due to this reason this game is still quite favorite of many adventure seekers. The rapture of flying in the vast blue heaven is just beyond description and it's just awe-inspiring.

Major Destinations
Valley of Himachal Pradesh offers perfect destination for hang-gliding. Billing at the altitude of 8,500 feet in Kangra Valley gives some of the best opportunities for excellent flying. Billing offers 100 km of up and down, and cross-country flights.

Dharamkot at an altitude of 11,800 feet, located near Dharamshala in the state of Himachal Pradesh also offers adventure for hang-gliding.