shopping in india

Every tourist who visits India wishes to take back a part of this lovely country. Shopping in India is the ideal way to fulfill your wish of taking a memory of India with you. Indian shopping attractions offer a variety of items to suit your diverse needs and taste. You can find items that suit your budget too. Souvenirs bought from India are ideal as gifts for your friends and family back home. So go through the list of various items and decide what to buy from India.

Clothes : An all time favorite among tourists, clothes are available in a huge variety. Popular fabrics are cotton, silk chiffons, brocade and khadi among others.

Carpets : India has one of the biggest carpet industries in the world. Carpets are available in much affordable prices and are available in a huge variety. Darjeeling is an ideal place to shop for carpets.

Jewellery : The Indian jewellery designs are exquisite and elaborately done. Not only gold, even silver is very popular among tourists and locals. Indian jewellery is famous for using intricate work of gems and other semi precious stones.

Handicrafts : India is famous for its handicrafts and ethnic crafts items. The rural India specializes in these beautiful hand works. Other popular shopping items that are taken by tourists include Indian spices, Indian tea, pickles of different flavors, exotic perfumes and knick knacks from different states. Come here and see for yourself, there is plenty to choose from.