tiger safari

Tiger Safaris are tours to the wilds to see, observe and photogarph tigers. In India there is ample opportunity to view tigers. Tigers can be found stalking prey in the National Parks of India and Nepal by elephant or jeep safari. Tigers are found throughout India and Nepal, offering best bet of tracking these elusive big cats. Tigers can be observed and photographed amongst ancient temples and forts. There are several places in India where you can hunt for tigers. These parks encompass some prime wilderness areas where biodiversity is at it's peak.

Several of India's National Parks allow you to walk inside the park to really get close to the wildlife. But, if you need to go to the remote areas of the park and when it comes to tiger viewing, then it would be advisable that you take a jeep safari or an elephant safari. Both jeep and elephant safari are ideal way to meddle into the wilds.

Tiger Safari Sites in India
Within the periphery of India's National Parks is some of the best bengal tiger reserves in the world. Some of the reserves providing opportunities to see tigers in the wild are - Ranthambhore, Kanha , Bandhavgarh, Corbett, Kaziranga and Sariska. More importantly these reserves enable us to learn about the plight of the Bengal tiger. Observing a first wild tiger is a truly an unforgettable experience, you will feel privileged to be viewing them in their natural habitat. Besides, you can also view other wildlife wandering around the thickets of forest.

Bandhavgarh National Park
Although this is a relatively small park, and not part of the Project Tiger initiative, in the last few years it has become one of India's most prominent national parks. The major reason for all the interest is Bandhavgarh's high density of tigers which roam around the mixed forests of sal and bamboo in search of an easy prey. As in Bandhavgarh elephants are also used to view tigers that have been tracked inside the forest or dense meadow vegetation. You can visit this park between the months of November and June.

Kanha National Park
This is without a doubt one of India's most spectacular and exciting parks. The tigers amidst the dense sal forests, bamboo thickets and Mekal river provide an amazing scene for the tourists. The park is situated in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, its interesting mix of river valleys and steep rocky escarpments provide a diverse ambience for all manner of indigenous wildlife. Jeep safaris enable you to move to the larger areas of this vast park, and offer the mobility to track tigers by following fresh pugmarks and alarm calls. At nearly 2000 sq km Kanha is one of India's largest parks, and after Sunderbans, home to the second largest population of tigers. The park is open between 1st November and 30th June.

Corbett National Park
Corbett is an ideal habitat for tigers with its abundant prey species and dense cover. Although Corbett has a significant tiger population, sustained by the abundance of prey, sightings are less common due to the dense habitat. Because this National Park has been around for such a long time both the accommodation and safaris are well organised. The safaris you can take here are - Jeep safari and Elephant Safari. You can visit this park between November and June.

Sariska National Park
The park is home to numerous carnivores including Leopard, Wild Dog, Jungle Cat, Hyena, Jackal, and Tiger. These feed on an abundance of prey species such as Sambar, Chitel, Nilgai, Chausingha, Wild Boar and Langur. Situated close to Jaipur and Ranthambhore, Sariska has its own unique history, geography and wildlife. The park is open almost year-round, but for wildlife viewing and your comfort it is best to visit from October to April, safaris are provided by jeep.

Kaziranga National Park
There are two ways to view wildlife inside the park. Elephant safaris depart early in the morning from the central range and head off into the tall grass named after them. This is ideal for viewing and photographing rhino and it is common to come across quite large groups grazing together. From your high vantage point you will also get good views of hog deer, barasingha and wild buffalo, and if extremely lucky a glimpse of the elusive tiger.

Jeep safaris allow you to cover a much larger area of the park, thus increasing your chances of wildlife encounters. There are three main ranges in which you can travel. The central range has the more regular tiger sightings.