wildlife adventure

The wildlife of India is a mix of species of diverse origins. The region's rich and diverse wildlife is preserved in numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries across the country. Since India is home to a number of rare and threatened animal species, wildlife management in the country is essential to preserve these species. According to one study, India along with 17 mega diverse countries is home to about 60-70% of the world's biodiversity.

Several of India's National Parks allow you to walk inside the park to really get close to the wildlife. But, if you need to go to the remote areas of the park and when it comes to tiger viewing, then it would be advisable that you take a jeep safari or an elephant safari. Both jeep and elephant safari are ideal way to meddle into the wilds.

Jeep Safari
A jeep, or 'gypsy', safari allows viewing of several different areas of the park, thus affording the visitor the best chance of entering the diversity of fauna and flora on offer. Jeeps are the fastest and the most comfortable means to traverse in the wilds.

Elephant Safari
It is also possible in some of the parks, like in Bandhavgarh and Kanha, to take an elephant safari into the core areas, which can result in some interesting encounters with resident tigers. Elephant safari is the best option of all the safaris to view tigers in the dense and remote forest areas. Tigers are best viewed from the back of the elephants, as it is higher and safer place as compared to other options available. The elephants also have the option of going to the remote and dense parts, where even the jeep can't go. Though much slower than the jeep safari, it is the most unique and thrilling way to explore the wilds.

Camel Safari
Camel Safari has been a experience that is happening since the ancient times, when no other modern means of communications were developed by man and animals were the sole transport used for communication. Tourists can still enjoy the same desert experience in the Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, where special cultural performances are also organised by the Rajasthan tourism department for the entertainment of tourists in the evening. The camps are specially set of the travellers, serving traditional Rajasthani meals and in the company of warm hearted Rajasthani people.

Tiger Safaris
Tiger Safaris are tours to the wilds to see, observe and photogarph tigers. In India there is ample opportunity to view tigers. Tigers can be found stalking prey in the National Parks of India and Nepal by elephant or jeep safari. Tigers are found throughout India and Nepal, offering best bet of tracking these elusive big cats. Tigers can be observed and photographed amongst ancient temples and forts. There are several places in India where you can hunt for tigers. These parks encompass some prime wilderness areas where biodiversity is at it's peak.